Tru-Vue 3-Dimension Viewer

Tru-Vue 3-Dimension Viewer No. 502 from the Tru-Vue Company in Beaverton, Oregon from the 1950's. The viewer includes 7 packages of film cards - Three Little Pigs F-4, Bambi D-23, Performing Elephants Z-5, Baby Bunny's Birthday Z-9, Performing Animals ZA-1 featuring Performing Elephants Z-5, Performing Lions Z-6, and Performing Chimps Z-7.

The viewer is in excellent condition with no visible cracks or scratches.

Includes original box. The box is in overall good condition, but has some wear and tear on the flap creases. One side flap is almost torn off.

The viewer measures 5" long and 2.5" high.