Adhesive Embroidery Badges


Supe cute set of embroidered patches that utilize a special adhesive technology that virtually eliminates the need for ironing or sewing. Peel and stick works on (almost) all surfaces including helmets, canoes and kayaks, backpacks, clothing (natural and synthetic fabrics including polyester, leather, DWR coated fabrics like gore-tex ski shells) and outerwear, vehicles (tested on ice, salt, slush), handbags, and whatever else you can think of! Also works well on nearly all hard plastics, glass, metal, and wood.

How it works: Ensure surface is clean and free of oil, grease or silicone. Remove the release paper and press firmly (the adhesive is pressure sensitive, so press hard). When applying to fabrics, protecting the badge surface with a cloth and hammering the patch can improve adhesion. Full adhesion will develop in three days. Laundered fabrics with applied badges should be tumbled dry on low / delicate only 

Measures: 1.5" diameter 

Designer: Demerit Wear