Look! I Can Sew And Tie-Dye And Batik Too!


Look! I Can Sew by Angela Burdick includes step-by-step instructions for sewing, tie-dying, and batik for 6-16 year olds.

I had a book from this series growing up and I absolutely adore it! Laid out in a comic style, instructions are easy and clear with step-by-step illustrations and accompanying text. It includes instruction on basic sewing stitches, 12 things to know about sewing, how to patchwork, how to tie-dye, and how to batik. Projects are for all levels and include: needle case book, wrap around skirt, apron, pillow case, toddler tunic top, and more - 32 projects in total. 

Good condition with minor wear and tear on the corners of the cover. Three inside pages have been cut and repaired with tape. See images. The damaged areas do not interfere with instructions.

64 pages | Hard cover | Published in London, UK | 1973