Mellifera Bees Infused Honey


Mellifera Bees produces distinctive, hand-crafted unprocessed honey infusions harvested from ethically managed stationary hives in backyards across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Each ingredient is chosen for quality and freshness and sourced exclusively from small, independently owned British Columbia companies specializing in certified Organic, Fair Trade comestibles.

Served alongside other high quality foods, Mellifera honeys pair beautifully with wine, artisan cheeses and crusty French bread. Enjoy it drizzled over homemade ice cream, stirred into hot beverages, added to dressings or alone on a spoon.

Cardamom Infused Honey
Rich, spicy and imbued with a wanderlust spirit, Mellifera laces its wonderfully piquant wildflower honey with cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and orange rind to create a decadent treat worthy of special occasions.

Vanilla Infused Honey
One of nature’s most potent aromatics, vanilla has long been used in cooking, perfume and as an aphrodisiac. And now the wonderfully fragrant seed pod finds a new expression, in honey.

Lemon Infused Honey
Bathed in sunshine, effervescent with good health, the blond perfume of nature’s cheeriest fruit imparts vim, vigour and zing to the wisdom and sophistication of our naturally spicy honey.

Ginger Infused Honey
New seasonal flavour!
Designer: Mellifera Bees