Mitsubishi Japanese Pencils


Founded in 1887, the Mitsubishi Pencil Company has long been creating pencils for general use. In the first half of the 20th century, Japanese pencils were labeled with their intended use due to regulations set to monitor the prices pencils were being sold for. Pencils designated for certain uses were meant to have certain characteristics to reflect their price. Although this pricing structure no longer exists, many pencil companies, still include designations in their pencil designs such as the words 'general writing

9800 - Mitsubishi's oldest still-manufactured pencil. Good for both writing and drawing. Choose from B and / or HB.

Red Blue 2667 - Featuring vermilion red lead on one end and prussian blue lead on the other, this pencil was first produced in 1914 when vivid coloured cores for pencils were difficult to manufacture. Red to blue ratio is 5:5.

9852 - Japan's equivalent of the classic #2 yellow pencil with eraser (that works amazingly!). Choose from HB (green pencils) and / or B (yellow pencils).

Made in Japan | Pencils come unsharpened

1 dozen per box



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