Moon Map Screenprint Art Print


A map of the moon! Due to a lack of atmosphere, the moon welcomes all asteroids to smash into its surface, creating a fantastic texture. As our telescopic technology progressed, each teeny crater was named for an number of things, such as famous astrologers and Greek Gods!

Each art print measures 17.5 inch x 17.5 inch and fits a standard frame such as the ones from the Ikea RIBBA series.

Archie Archambault is a designer and inventor living between Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. He believes that information is more fun to read when it’s beautiful. Each map is designed after hours of research and collaborations with locals and topic experts that Archie then reassembles into a brain-friendly aesthetic.  

Screenprinting is a printing technique that uses a mesh screen and a blade or squeegee to transfer ink on to a surface except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. The Moon Screenprint uses extra-bright silver ink on royal sundance eclipse black paper.


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