MT washi tape - Single Rolls


Washi tape is a decorative masking tape made of rice paper that can be torn by hand. Semi-transparent for layering as well as repositionable, it can be used to add a little colour anywhere – on a letter, gift, wall (it won’t damage paint), album, scrapbooking, notebook, or any spot one can imagine (glasses/ furniture). You can also use a pen to jot down a quick note for a gift tag or to make a label.

Single rolls of MT Japanese washi tape in assorted colours and patterns.

Each roll measures 15mm x 10m

Available in:
Blue and yellow geometric
Pink and teal geometric
Scarlet morning stars
Brass morning stars
Gold stripe
Black stripe
Grid with red, green, orange, and blue
Grid with pink, purple, blue, and grey
Red and blue polka dots
Navy blue and yellow polka dots
Polka dot with blue, pink, lime, black, grey
Slash red
Slash green
Blue and red graph 
Mint and marine graph
Metallic Gold Polka dot
Metallic Silver Grid
Felix Lisa Larson


Each roll measures 15mm x 7m

Available in
Colourful Dot
Colourful Stripe
String Art

Designer: mt tape