SeaLuxe Soap Bars


SeaLuxe soaps are locally, handmade in small batches from high-quality natural ingredients, formulated for results that inspire you to experience a world of pure and nutrient-rich indulgence with every use. 

True Grit: Calloused skin doesn’t stand a chance against this deep-cleansing detoxifying bar created for working hands and feet. Featuring a healthy dose of exfoliating pumice and coffee, it also contains bamboo activated charcoal, and is scented with clary sage and grapefruit.

Citrus Soleil: A refreshing soap made with shea nut butter soap base, blended with four different essential oils and colored with tumeric. This soap bar is a great way to start your day.

Carpe Diem: A loofa sponge is inside every bar. This shea nut butter soap bar will bring you a rich lather while exfoliating your skin leaving you polished and smooth.

Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal mixed with a nourishing shea nut butter base brings a rich and silky lather when washing up. Good for face, body and hair.

Each bar is 120g / 4.2oz

SeaLuxe lives and breathes the rhythm of the tides. From the beaches of coastal British Columbia, SeaLuxe blends, stirs, sifts, and pours healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific Ocean's unique and natural elements of seaweed, salt, and Canadian glacial marine clay.


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