Small Heart Brass Earrings


We just love the look of faceted gemstones and thought the complicated heart cut was maybe the prettiest! In gemstone creation, only the most skilled gem cutter will ever create the cleft in the heart gemstone; careful not to ruin a stone of such beauty! These small brass post earrings have been lovingly designed and made with careful attention to detail. Finished with sterling silver posts.

The original artwork was created by LanaBetty and worked she with an incredibly talented laser cutting husband-wife team to laser etch the designs into jewelry grade brass. When we receive the components, each piece is inspected, hand-filed and soldered, before being tumbled and polished for 10 hours in her Vancouver, BC studio.

Fun fact: the back of each earring says "LanaBetty" so you'll remember who made them when your friends all shower you in compliments.


Designer: LanaBetty